My Family Doctor Cares campaign

The BC College of Family Physicians has recently launched a campaign called “My family doctor cares” advocating for more BC residents to have access to ongoing relationships with family doctors. To help get the campaign noticed, they have created an engaging TV spot, designed informative posters, and even created a tool for members of the public to write to their MLA about the need for improved access to physicians!

We want to do our part and get you informed and engaged too, so we have broken down some of the information from their campaign below, but of course, we strongly encourage you to visit the campaign site and learn even more about how you can share on social media and help spread the word!

Family doctors have a unique role in our health care system

Family Doctors specialize in your health
Family Doctors specialize in your health
My-Family Doctor Cares Poster
Family doctors partner with you to manage your health.
My-Family Doctor Cares Poster
Family doctors work in teams with other health care professionals and specialists.
My Family Doctor Cares Poster
Family doctors care for patients in the community, provide surgery, deliver babies, and work in hospitals and ERs.

The patient-doctor relationship is central to family medicine

Family doctors get to know their patients and serve as trusted health advocates, tailoring the care and advice that they provide to meet each patient’s changing needs and stage of life.

Did you know?

  • More than 6,500 family doctors practice in BC
  • About 1,200 family doctors work in rural settings
  • 3,500 family doctors teach medical students or residents

If you found this information compelling, you can learn even more and take action at

All images and content credits go to BCCFP for this fantastic campaign.